I am 0xec6d0
A French Street Artist

Before being an artist I am a CEO. Little by little I abandoned this aspect of my life to concentrate on art. I am conservative, but nuanced. I do not condemn any judge, and my work, although reflecting a difficult reality, does not stigmatize or impose a vision of things.
You are extraordinary, and I believe in you. For this reason you can interpret my work as you wish. Give it the dimensions you want. Give them your vision. Your story.
For the rest I have very little to say about myself. I have ambition. Certain knowledge of economics and trading. I code a little. And you will understand by bringing all these points together, that I want to be the number 1 contemporary artist.
I strive to give weight to art: no prints, no NFTs without physical work behind them. I want my clients to be profitable. Of course I would like them to appreciate what I do, but I no longer paint for them but for myself: it's a part of my ego that I put into play.
I have very few followers. I don't like social media, although I try my best to put myself forward. I am reserved but above all solitary and sharing so much requires a super-human effort.
I make no promises but I can assure you that as success comes I will make myself tiny until I become invisible, I am an artist (a human?) of the shadows, and my tranquility matters more to me that all.
Why this nickname? I had no idea for a nickname, and my crypto wallet seemed to do the trick. This will prove to be a huge problem for all kinds of things, because numbers in nicknames or postal addresses are very rarely accepted.
Why tape around my artworks? The story of an auctioneer claiming that my work was worthless, I took his remark as it was and added an adhesive tape marked "Fragile" as if to respond to him, which later brought me quite a bit of success. This socth has remained and sometimes evolves with a bright red ribbon more suited to my paintings.
For the rest I think I have covered the information that I can give you.

PS. I have been a fan of PSG for a long time.


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