The End Times

The new serie by 0xec6d0

Extraordinary. The End of Times is already establishing itself as an essential series from the French artist 0xec6d0. Retracing the history of humanity at its peak, of a decadent world, the street artist offers a personal vision of the era. A painting of his contemporaries, for those of tomorrow.

Powerful colors. A raw art. Energetic. Violence. The factual description of a world that is perishing. Of a political correctness that kills. Far from the messages of peace of contemporary artists, 0xec6d0 offers a photo of 2023 and the years to come through unique, vibrant work which will lead laypeople and followers alike towards personal reflections on time, on humanity. On their lives. Their death. And finally, more broadly: their lives. 

Original Artworks

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"Of course you have to live. For a long time I wondered about prints. But what is the interest for collectors? Prints are only means of enriching the artist. They help them scale, they produce no added value. I don't sell works for several thousand euros every day, but ethics require me to be respectful of those who follow me. From who buys me. Who gives me interest.

I am offering most of "The End Times" series on Catawiki, because collectors can benefit from it. I also experience it, on my own scale. I am always happy to provide new art explorers with the opportunity to purchase an original from this series and others as well. I firmly believe that one day they will see their audacity rewarded. That one day they will be able to say “I have one!”. Maybe I could see it from the sky? Maybe during my lifetime? One thing is certain, I don't want prints. One thing is certain: I want to give as much as I receive."
— 0xec6d0.

The Story of a Decadent Humanity

Something of 2023

"Personally, I don't like 95% of contemporary artists. They are empty. They always say the same things. Always the same messages of peace. Always the same hearts. The same soldiers with flowers. The same children paint on the walls with a dove and colors. That’s not what life is like.

Life is violent. Hard. One day we think we know, the next day we understand nothing. We gain in humility then we gain in certainty then we lose in humility. Sometimes we think we are conservative, other times progressive. Sometimes we tell ourselves that it is good, sometimes we understand that it is evil. Manipulations are everywhere. The truth surrounds us, and in this life we always struggle to know how to position ourselves. This collection is a bit like the end of times: a collective loss of reference. The portrait of a chaotic world, the struggle to keep this light of good deep within us despite criticism, violence, disappointments."
— 0xec6d0.

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