The 5 Satoshis

The 5 major paintings by French artist 0xec6d0 which gave rise to a collection of unique NFTs, generated by AI.
*** To buy or exchange for the 60 NFTs corresponding to the artwork ***

350 000 € by Physical Artworks.

For one and only reason: the 5 Satoshis is an artistic project built to last several years. Built to be exhibited on 5 continents. Built to give exclusive advantages to owners of NFTs in the collection. Possessing them is unattainable. A prize: 350,000 euros.

318 NFTS with 10 Levels of Rarity.

"With the 5 Satoshis I wanted to give NFT collectors a quest. Complex exchanges. Regular deals. Great prizes. Unique emotions."
— 0xec6d0.

More than 318 NFTS, 70 traits, 5 categories, generated with AI from the 5 originals and...

6 Physical Artworks to Win.

Of the 318 NFTs, 6 offer those who mint them the option of exchanging them for one of my physical paintings. One of the 6, the rarest, even offers an exchange for one of my paintings in XXL format (220cm x 160 cm).

Connect the Digital and the Physical World.

"It's essential for me to give weight to NFTs in the real world. I searched for a long time how to do this. By offering physical works to be won through a drop, but also to those who accumulate 60 NFTs of each category, I give weight to NFTs. Even more, and perhaps even more important: I allow people to dream. To go on a unique quest, because the 5 Satoshis will each be exhibited on a continent and allow those who own an NFT, in the months and years to come, to participate in a quest to find the 5 lounges, the 5 places of exhibitions of the 5 Satoshis. I want to create dreams in a world where everything seems too rational."
— 0xec6d0.

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