Special 0xec6d0’s sale on Catawiki

First special 0xec6d0 sale on Catawiki with many exclusive works. Many original 1 meter formats and some unique pieces like “Selfie” or the “3 kings ” triptych. In these end-of-year auctions, we will find many iconic series such as “les Cancres” or “la fin des temps. The opportunity to acquire exclusive pieces but also to discover the artist’s world.

In this special sale I wanted to offer works never seen before and timely for the occasion. Selfie is obviously an essential work just as much as the 3 Kings or Modern Man. Quite a few XL formats are also available, a way for me to breathe life into certain series but also to offer larger objects capable of being a central piece of a private or public collection.

Of course I am always limited by the sizes since I only send canvas frames , so from 1 meter the postal companies no longer accept this type of sending so we find maximum sizes on frames. It is likely that in the next sales I will offer 1 or 2 XXL works with formats of more than 2M, not on a frame this time but rolled up.
— 0xec6d0.

An auction which will close on November 26, 2023, a Sunday, the opportunity to take stock of the artist but also to continue to offer his work for individuals wishing to acquire a few pieces directly from the workshop. New sales of this type could arrive during 2024 before moving to much larger formats, and undoubtedly being exported to the USA and the Gulf countries, in particular with the “5 Satoshis ”.

Selling directly from the workshop on Catawiki allows me to keep control and sell a small production. A production intended for individuals or investors. Of course this also allows us to finance some larger artistic concepts which will come in 2024. The auction platform remains interesting for me and I will be there next year. I like to offer enthusiasts unique pieces, almost handmade, rather than often very expensive gallery priced pieces. I believe it is essential to stay connected to art lovers, and this is why I prefer to offer original works rather than prints that I would have marketed.

I also thank Catawiki as well as all my customers, followers or investors, who support me every day, and know through their comments, their bids, but also their non-bids , to tell me that they appreciate, that they do not appreciate , whether I touch something deep, or not. I will not change this, and it will always be possible to buy pieces directly, at an advantageous price, because I do not want only the very rich to be able to have a 0xec6d0 in their gallery . I am a child of a worker, a child of the people, and my art and my relative success is that of the grocer, the artisan, the worker, the baker, the waiter, the business manager, the freelance.
— 0xec6d0.

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