Special 0xec6d0’s auction on Catawiki in January

rising NFT artists Oxec6d0 Artwork "Skull Bone Flesh"

After a first successful auction last November, a new special 0xec6d0 sale has been launched and will take place on January 25, 2024 on Catawiki. The opportunity to find exclusive works, large formats, triptychs, and one or two major pieces in XXL format designed especially for this sale.

For over a year I have been selling numerous artworks on Catawiki, in January I will have the opportunity to present to the public another special sale which will see 25 exclusive pieces put up for auction.

For this unique moment I wanted to work on major themes, such as my series The End of Times, the Cancres or even some iconic pieces like the trypitics. Beyond that I also wanted to offer something innovative, for this reason I will put one or more large pieces, which will remain as the major element of this sale.

I know that Catawiki allows many buyers to acquire some of my works at very attractive prices, and I like that. The fact that my art is above all that of the people, rather than that of the galleries. See you on the 25th for this exclusive sale, with I hope to have a lot of pleasure in finding some of my iconic pieces, but also some exclusive ones and in a new style.

— 0xec6d0.