The Modern Society

By 0xec6d0

Engrave modern society

Through his creations 0xec6d0 attempts to depict a society which, according to him, is drifting. The artist demonstrates here a rather incredible capacity: that of fully expressing his feelings about current setbacks. From the ego to the loss of values, from the abandonment of common sense to the defense of ideologies in defiance of the truth, the artist materializes in his art and his productions a singular message: that of the contemporary portraitist of a Western world which is gradually dying out.

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A singular vision

"What I seek to do through my paintings is above all to give meaning. Society is decadent. Civilizations die and are replaced by others, it is the history of humanity: Greek, Romans, Egyptians, etc.

I'm not nostalgic for an era, only the years when the internet didn't exist or was still only a sketch still make me want it without it being a genuflection. I contemplate the current era, and I find qualities in it: wealth creates freedom, and power. Some countries have great stability, others provide quite unique advantages in terms of security, inspiration or freedom. This society allows those who have the means to establish themselves wherever they wish, as they wish. My work is inspired by this: a West in decline where wealth and ego open the doors to prosperity."

— 0xec6d0.

Trying to Paint the Violence

An evaded reality

"I am critical of contemporary artists for a simple reason: they run away from problems. They don't paint anything of intellectual interest. I often look for artists who give meaning or an echo to our voice, that of the people, but I don't find it.

I don't like painting. I don't like art. But I made it my goal to give meaning to what I do in my paintings. For this reason I like to believe that I am describing society. That I trace the story of a fall. That my paintings are in fact messages for future generations, a societal malaise, the spectacle of a man who sees the end of a civilization and who tries, with his means, to describe it, without hurting or stigmatizing , because people are over-emotional, often unable to understand simple concepts, and especially in a regressive intellectual phase where the IQ only declines, and where people apart, and they will recognize, can only be isolated, because their sole monologue would lead them to total censorship or worse, because this society kills whoever dares to speak out against diktats."

— 0xec6d0.

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