One of my biggest project

Caelum et terra transibunt, verba autem mea non praeteribunt.

Matthew 24:35. I never really considered myself a painter or artist, because to be honest I don't like all that. Very quickly, however, I had the feeling that I had to share my identity, and inevitably the Christianity that makes me up. It comes down to 3 points:

  • Mixing contemporary art and liturgical painting
  • Share the good news
  • Delete the artist in favor of the message

The last point is fundamental: messengers, artists, men always disappoint, but never the Word.

The works must be looked at as one looks at stained glass windows, not as one looks at a Basquiat in a museum.

Ultima Cena

Obviously it was the canvas to make. 160cm high, over 250cm wide. The largest format on canvas since my debut. An iconic passage from the Bible.


Neon. Simple. Expressionist. I like it very much, it is on display at my house. He only gives off good vibes. It inspires me with inner peace. The faith.

MATTHEW 11:28-30

When I'm tired, I ask for courage. I took out this canvas in one go, it looks exceptional IRL. Simple and precise, a good way to enter the gospel.

Lots of feeling and the desire to continue to illustrate passages

I never really decided to illustrate passages from the Bible, it just fell into my lap. I made one by feeling and then it stuck and since then I have been illustrating passages. Do I plan to illustrate the entire Bible? I don't think so, but if I live long enough I'd like to make as much progress on this as possible. I really have 3 big goals:

  • The Gospel by Matthew
  • The letters of Saint James that I adore
  • The psalms

Why? Because Saint James speaks to me enormously, I read him, reread him, I know him by heart. So witty. The gospel by Matthew is the most comprehensive, the one that really allowed me to move forward in my Christianity. The psalms, King David, his story, it's exceptional, no need to say more.

It’s really these passages from the Bible that resonate with me and that I want to work on, at least in the months to come. Perhaps later I will evolve, I will grow, I will mature and other passages at the end of my life will resonate more with me.