New Way To Approach Art

At the beginning of the history of 0xec6d0, a simple will: to produce powerful messages. For that the artist used his art, worked in a precise, almost pragmatic way. A background, colors, then the main subject in pareidolia. Then messages in marker to finalize the canvas. A final step was to wrap the canvas with “fragile” adhesive tape, just to send the message: this is art.

Gradually his desire to work on the background and in pareidolia was supplanted by working live on a specific subject. Back to basics here with a fundamental work on primary colors and childish patterns, with new techniques more complex to approach for him.

A Kafkaesque metamorphosis that few will understand but that for 0xec6d0 appears crucial in his artistic path. It is not a question of working on the beautiful, on a copy of copy of Basquiat, Mondrian or Picasso, but well to impose a style, a vision of the things.

Simplicity at the heart of its messages

The return to the primary state was therefore necessary. The secondary colors are banished, the advanced processes also. The subject remains the same, but treated in a different way. Less handwritings, less sentences, and more white, here are the main lines.

A fundamental idea emerges from this new period: that of producing an art which denotes, which challenges but which is always heavy with meaning. Themes such as faith, the modern world, man but also society are addressed.

The artist asks big questions through each work. Or at least imposes to question. His apparently simplistic canvases are in fact a desire, that of challenging the viewer in a naive way. All the interest lies here in the creative process which must be childish, simple as possible, in order to bring out simple, powerful messages, and describing the current society.

Of course we will find certain rhetoric with God or Jesus present in a majority of works. The Christian faith will also return. Many works will have only one goal: to direct the spectator towards a message that he will interpret as he pleases. A way for the artist to be more subtle, but also to mark a real style.