New collection of NFTs by 0xec6d0

ICHTHUS Full Face 0xec6d0 painting Street Art

It’s not easy to be an artist when you’re a conservative. This is the litany and credo that some might choose (including me) to describe the art world. The difference here remains that besides the observation, projects continue to flourish around what can be conservative street art, at least in my reality.

The next few weeks are likely to be loaded with a new collection of NFT made in the rules of the art and probably minted on the Ethereum blockchain, unless Solana or Polygon offer advantages, whether for buyers or sellers.

It is important to note several points around this collection, points that could make it quite unique. First of all, the entire NFTs and the collection will be the work of an artist and not a graphic designer. Then the fundamentals of NFTs will be resumed with a fairly substantial number of tokens, probably 10,000. Two interesting points that will be added to the Branding and the trademark of 0xec6d0, whether the pictorial side or the conservative side.

In short, a new collection that takes time, and that once again denotes others offered on the market, at least that’s the idea. In parallel, a bit like an easter egg, each buyer of a work of art in real life will receive, in the weeks or months to come, his own NFT, and this for two purposes: one in pure gratitude for the attraction of work, the other in a micro-economic measure: the more liquidity and holders, the more the token is able to be exchanged, and therefore to increase in value.

Blockchain and collaboration

Of course Ethereum stands out at first glance as the number 1 blockchain to work on such a large collection of NFTs. Nevertheless Polygon or Solana or even other altchains could enter the debates. Firstly because more accessible fees would allow a better exchange and secondly because some contacts in various altchains would allow a greater exhibition of the collection.

If in the real world, collaborations have been rare, in the world of web3, it seems essential that certain collaborations, especially technological ones, can be beneficial to both parties. For this reason, if Ethereum remains a favorite of the upcoming collection, a surprise could change the game.

In any case, this NFTs project will remain an artistic project that will impose a style on a universe that lacks it, or we find copies of copies of copies, and or finally art no longer exists. Of course, the consideration of economic and technical factors is essential: ERC-721 with 5,000 or 10,000 copies remain the basis of this new collection. See you soon.