Napoléon Bonaparte

An Essential Legacy

Since its beginnings, 0xec6d0 has offered various works on the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Decried over time, throughout the ages, Napoleon remains for the Artist a conqueror in a pre-industrial and mercantile era. A standard of the power of France internationally but also of France on an architectural level with the Empire Style, on a linguistic level with the importation of numerous words in various countries, notably Russia, but also on a pictorial with many renowned artists including Jacques-Louis David, a painter for whom 0xec6d0 has a particular admiration.

The opportunity also to share with his followers his dual French and British culture, but also to work on less abstract, more unusual compositions, in cold tones that he really appreciates. A way also to praise conquering France, a France great and admired throughout the ages, a history that he does not forget, that he accepts and takes as is: with its qualities, its faults, but without judgment, without ideological knee-jerk, without a modern outlook which spans an era where knowledge traveled less, where humanism and universalism was still only in the embryonic stage.

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Disparaged, criticized but always admired

"I know that Napoleon remains a maligned character. The problem of our time is to look at other periods with a current perspective. Napoleon did not live in the world of smartphones or the internet. At that time, knowledge traveled less well, less quickly. There were many preconceptions, European populations were more focused on themselves and on mercantile and conquest desires.

Napoleon represents a France at a particular moment in his time. He represents an ativism, the one that every French person should have and know, like Clovis first king of France, or Charlemagne, or even Louis XIV. France is self-respecting. His story too. We can love it, hate it, but we must know how to look at it like a forensic doctor would without taking a close-up of it on a smartphone like an influencer disconnected from the context would do. I like the character. What he gave to France. I am French. Napoléon is a part of my history."

— 0xec6d0.

The French Emperor

A unique time

"Beyond Napoleon, I believe that many of us, without realizing it, have been marked by the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century. The period was quite exceptional with major developments whether on a pictorial, architectural, economic or political level. This small window of time in history has left a memorable mark for many, particularly in France.

The Empire Style is the Arc de Triomphe, the Pantheon, the Palais Bourbon, La Madeleine, Kazan Cathedral, the Vendôme Column. It’s a special image of the moment. Something imposing, powerful and refined. A eulogy of beauty in line with the neoclassical style which gave rise to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Basilica Palladiana in Venice, and the Petit Trianon in Versailles. It is also a fantastic gallery of painters: David, Mengs, Panini, Ingres, Zoffany, etc. This era today marks our streets, our European and particularly French lives. I love it because I was educated there, I saw the imposing France there. I saw in it a praise of beauty in the public space, the beginnings of a decline, the desire to mark history, to bequeath to one's neighbor the weight of a thousand-year-old heritage."

— 0xec6d0.

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