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ἰχθύς for Jesus Christ Son of God, savior. Since the beginning of his work, 0Xec6d0 has inserted Christian messages into his paintings describing his person but also his origins and his culture. The representation of God is essential for him. He even signs his paintings with ICHTHUS which, without being a real signature, has become a brand, a sign. Something you recognize in him.

Further than Christian aspirations, 0xec6d0 wishes to give a real theological dimension to his paintings by representing Christ in abstract, sometimes monstrous forms, as if to recall the extent to which the latter was decried, criticized, thrown to waste before being knighted. Generally speaking, 0xex6d0 places Christianity, Catholic and sometimes Protestant, at the center of his work, as if to mark his works with a symbol which will forever connect them to his roots, to who he is, but also to Christianity, as for the bequeath to this movement, as if to place them under divine protection.

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"It is important for me to place Christ, and God above everything. Often in my paintings we find GOD marked at the top, an obvious message which reminds us of our dust side with regard to time, life, but also death and God.

Often when we have certain success, recognition or at least the beginnings of recognition, we feel invisible. This is not my case, I know from my knowledge of the company that behind the shadow there is always light, but that behind the light there is also a lot of shadow. Putting God at all costs on my paintings, Christ, the God of Christians, of humans, is essential for me. Because I am from the European continent, a little English, a lot French, Italian too, Spanish, and all these countries have the same Christian roots. The same values. The same principles and I don't want to be the one to bury them while he enjoys them every day. ICHTHUS, forever."

— 0xec6d0.

La Bonne Nouvelle


"εὐαγγέλιον. La Bonne Nouvelle. The Good News. It’s essential for me to claim who I am. But also to give. To give what? For a painter it is always simple, but too many of them give the consensual, the simple, the vice sometimes, often even. I'm not one of those. What I want to give is a mixture, on the one hand depicting current European society, on the other hand sharing hope, peace, an aspiration. And what's better than sharing the good news. Than working around Christ.

I am not the first to do this, and I am thinking of many painters who have worked on this aspect, Marc Chagall who did remarkable work on the illustration of the Bible. I don't like painters who leave immodest works, gory works or works without any intellectual significance, only ideological. Humans need peace, hope, light, and that is why in all my paintings, I try to remove the worst, leaving only the best. I refuse pessimism even if I paint it. There is always a happy window on each of my paintings, even if it seems tiny, hidden or non-existent at first glance."

— 0xec6d0.

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