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0xec6d0's work is organized around a dominant theme: that of politics. A policy which today, like the media, despises patriots, those who believe in the credo “One people, one country”. The artist often offers messages around this aspect with a sharp criticism of artists and journalists who prefer to provide messages of peace or ignore the cruel realities of the West rather than denouncing current societal problems.

0xec6d0 is not, however, politically engaged. He does not epilogue or criticize anyone directly. In fact, his work aims to criticize a system that self-censors, which avoids talking about problems. Who hides behind excuses or outdated pleadings to justify corporate actions. Far from wanting to stigmatize, attack or denounce anyone, the French artist attempts to describe, to paint, to note the collapse of occidental society while taking pleasure in attacking those who believe they are in the camp of good : lesson givers of all kinds, and this in messages that are sometimes quite clear, often quite abstract.

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An Essential Work

"I believe that my work is quite essential, in the artistic world at least. As I often say, I am not criticizing any group or community. My thinking is not there, just like my goal. What I do is paint society, as it is, as I feel it. I'm tired of Jackson Pollock and Mickey fans. I wanted truth in art. Find intelligence, and I've never seen any, at least not with current artists.

Also, I wanted to work on canvases full of meaning to give weight to my painting. How I felt sometimes. It doesn't matter if we interpret these paintings as being from the right or from the left, in fact I believe that they symbolize a bit of all visions, without being consensual, this is also my goal: to provide a food for thought to those who wish. Of course I paint society with my biases, but I think that both conservatives and progressives can relate to it and debate around it. This at least has the merit of giving meaning to current art which prefers to languish in heavy drugs, advocating anarchy while painting copies of Basquiat or Picasso."

— 0xec6d0.

Try freedom

Not So Easy

"It’s not so easy to be free when it comes to messages. First, there is self-censorship, we can imagine the broadcasters not accepting certain messages that are too political. Then: do we really want to enter into a political debate? In my case I don't want it at all. So when I see that it’s a little too rough, I censor, I cut, I erase, I redo.
It’s quite funny actually.

In the end it always results in paintings where everyone, regardless of their vision of things, can find comfort in these ideas. It’s a bit representative of my personality: I don’t like to rush people, to be violent towards them. I don't like to take them by the hands either, but I find myself in a happy medium I think where I provide food for thought, without denouncing, without imposing. Maybe in the future I will be more crude, the unnuanced side of right-wing politics and the lack of common sense of left-wing politics create strong turmoil within me, and it is the tension between these two opposite poles that pushes me up and keeps me going. As long as I never look at the past and tell myself that I was a coward of this vision of things, as a man and a Christian, it would be complex for me."

— 0xec6d0.

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